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About Flatline

Flatline was established in 1991 to meet a growing demand for training and qualifications from people involved in industry, oil & gas, medical careers, education and recreation for workplaces and community groups to meet Workplace Health and Safety requirements.


Flatline has been training Calgarians in First Aid, C.P.R. and safety programs for 30 years.  We have always been at the forefront of providing the best training and giving all our clients the tools to provide help necessary in any situation.

Flatlines’ team of skilled facilitators are experienced and passionate trainers.  They all have a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over many years of instructing and working in the field of safety & safety education.,. They apply real experience and theory to bring the learning alive.  Our lead facilitators are Primary Care Paramedics and also teach up and coming EMS students.


Keeping our students and staff  healthy and safe is a priority and we appreciate the cooperation we have had from staff, students. instructors and clients. 

Flatline First Aid Program is an approved program in Alberta which meets the Z1210-17 First aid training for the workplace — Curriculum and quality management for training agencies.

Flatline also offers Heart & Stroke CPR Programs, Red Cross Programs, both on request from our clients as all our instructors carry Instructor Credentials from both agencies. 

We have been providing training to many organizations, industries, AHS, unions, dentists, chiropractors, nurses, home care workers and the general public over the last 30 years and many clients  return year after year.

Five Reasons To Select Us

Flatline uses the most up-to-training equipment available today including the new CPR tracking manikins to ensure the highest level of competency is met.

Hands on courses using scenario-based learning and interaction

Highly experienced and knowledgeable facilitators at the forefront of the industry

Our courses are fun and interactive

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