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Funding for Training - Exposure Courses

Exposure Courses is an element under Career and Employment Information Services. Exposure Courses provide job ready individuals with funding for short-term courses in order to assist individuals to obtain the certification and/or the job specific skills they require to meet conditions of employment in a specific occupation as prescribed by employer or industry expectations.


The objectives of Exposure Courses are:

  • to provide short-term job specific courses needed to obtain employment,

  • to augment an individual’s job specific skills or provide the certification required to obtain employment in as short a period as possible, and

  • to respond to employer or industry need for skilled workers by providing short-term skills enhancement.

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Examples of eligible Exposure Courses are courses that teach specific skills required for a job:

  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

  • H2S Alive

  • Computer courses that are required for a specific job (e.g. Word Perfect to Microsoft Office)

  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

  • Standard First Aid

  • Fall Protection

  • Confined Space

    Note   These are examples only and not an inclusive list.

To be eligible for an Exposure Course an individual must be:

  • unemployed or marginally employed,

  • job ready except for certain job specific skills,

  • committed to seeking employment at the conclusion of their training

  • an Alberta resident, or 

  • a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or convention refugee and be legally entitled to work and train in Canada

In addition, the individual must have a job offer or a reasonable expectation of employment within one month of completing the Exposure Course. It is the individual’s responsibility to provide a letter or some other indication from a prospective employer indicating that employment will be available upon completion of the training.

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